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7 tips on how to wear black and white this season

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Coco Chanel once said that black and white’s beauty was “the perfect harmony,” that women "think of all colors except the absence of color," and that black and white had it all. We can’t help but agree with her. The striking contrast that comes from pairing these two absences of color is perhaps the most powerful of all combinations. They don’t call it yin and yang for nothing!

With this idea in mind, when we came across Sara Donaldson’s style blog, Harper & Harley, and noticed the majority of her outfits were constructed from black and white separates, we were immediately hooked. Not only are her looks stylish and inspiring, they’re also fairly painless to replicate. 

So if you’re searching for ways to re-create your favorite black and white wardrobe staples, take a gander at our roundup

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